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Mia Bella Jewellery

Every Diamond Has a Story to Tell

Life of a diamond begins billions of years ago, hundreds of miles below the surface of the Earth. We give it the treatment it deserves and carve it into a piece of art.

Our History

Family Owned and Trusted Jeweller

Mia Bella Jewellery, Gympie's finest Jewellery destination. David Bell your local Master Craftsman since 1979, looking after Gympie's jewellery needs from when arriving in Gympie in1989. Located at 50 Mary Street Gympie. Offering Gympie the latest designs and brands from around Australia and the world. We specialise in all those items that is not typically offered at your average chain jewellery store.Being a stockist of Hearts and Arrow Diamonds and the finest gems from arround the world and having a fully equipped work shop on site with our Private consulting room you can be safe in the knowledge that we will assist you in making the right choice for you and your special someone.

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Colin Pocklington

Collins Jewellers is a member of Australasia’s largest jewellery group – Nationwide Jewellers. The power of 450 independent jewellery stores gives Collins Jewellers access to the latest jewellery and watch ranges from manufacturers around the world. With their extensive industry experience and knowledge, you can confidently rely on Collins Jewellers to assist you with your purchase.

Colin Pocklington
Bastian Inverun
Blush Pink Diamonds
Dora Mens Rings
Ziro by W & D



We undertake custom ring and other jewellery design reflecting your taste and personal style. We welcome you to work with our master jewellery to craft the Jewellery you've always dreamt of.

Finest Diamonds

We use only the finest quality diamonds on our engagement and wedding rings. Rest assured that what we give is the best bang for buck. We have built our reputation on this quality and will always strive continue the legacy.


Jewellery is definitely one of the most valuable possessions you may have. We provide accurate evaluation certificates to help you safe guard your investment. We are certified valuers and our certification can be used for insurance purposes.


Many a times, jewellery is not something you can replace as it has emotions and story attached to it. Be it an engagment ring or a family possession handed over to you, we can restore all your precious pieces.


Jewellery is meant to look at its best, always! Having said that, wear and tear is inevitable and it is best to maintain jewellery every year. We offer onsite cleaning and polishing services to bring your pieces back to their original glory.

Watch Repairs

Watches are an identity but can incur issues like battery replacement, wear and tear, scuffs, other operational issues etc. We are experts in watch repair and will always ensure that your watch is given the care it needs and perfectly operational.

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